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How To Compare Car Loans Online

With so many choices with car finance available, it is hard to know what the best car loan available is for you.
The public is so focussed on interest rate alone, the whole picture is often not considered and people can select the wrong car loan for them, as they focussed on only one part of the overall car loan picture.

Interest Rate

The interest rate will make up an important part of your overall car loan package, and it does have an effect on your overall car loan repayment, but this must not be the only thing to consider when comparing your next car loan, as often high fees and charges can outweigh benefits of having a lower interest rate.

Fees And Charges

The fees and charges of your car loan are also going to be an important factor of your overall car loan package. Although they are very important, they are just one consideration in regards to comparing your next car loan.


Your repayment is probably the best tool to compare side by side with any car loan quotes you have received, as this will consider all the upfront and ongoing fees and charges and the interest rate. As long as you are comparing the same amount to borrow over the same loan term, this is quite an easy way of assisting with comparison of your car loan.

Depending on what your intentions are with your car loan though, this may not be the best way to compare car loans.

Early Exit Fees

If your intention is to payout your loan early, you should really consider looking into car loans with little to no early exit fees.

Depending on how early into the loan you plan on paying it off, opting for a higher interest rate with very little fees and charges could also save you over the loan term, as in most cases you will save on interest by paying the loan out early, so a few percent higher in your interest rate over a short period, could cost a lot less than high entry fees. Combine this with a low early penalty and you could be saving yourself a lot of money.


To compare car loans, you first have to understand what your intentions are with that car loan right from the start. If you plan on keeping the car loan for most of the loan term, then comparing the repayment side by side is your best way of selecting the best car loan for you.

If you plan on paying the loan out early, you would really need to do your sums to work out at which point you will be worse off by opting for a more flexible loan that may attract a higher interest rate.